WPRO adds sports host Andy Gresh to weekday lineup

Rhode Island is injecting some sports flavor into its radio airwaves.

WPRO, the popular news talk radio station in the Ocean State, has added Andy Gresh to its programming lineup which hasn’t featured sports talk in nearly a decade.

Gresh, most notably known as the former midday host on 98.5 the Sports Hub with Scott Zolak before being replaced by Marc “the Beetle” Bertrand, will host “The Gresh Show” on WPRO from 6-9 p.m. beginning Monday, April 17th.

“I’m excited to come back to where it all started for me 20 years ago,” Gresh said in the press release. “It’s time to turn nights at WPRO on its ear and let Rhode Island take back its sports talk.”

“Andy will talk all things sports including Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins as well as college and high school,” the press release said. “He’ll entertain sports fans who have yearned for local sports in the market for nearly a decade.”


Gresh began his career at WPRO in 1997 and became the co-host of the morning show on 790 The Score. He’s since worked at WFAN, ESPN Radio, Sirius XM, the Sports Hub and most recently as the co-host of the afternoon drive show on WTIC-AM in Hartford, Connecticut.

“The combination of our heritage talk team and The Gresh Show with sports at night and his unique style will give Rhode Islanders that perfect mix of local talk and local sports,” WPRO Programming Director Tony Mascaro said in the release.

The move comes after the station has been attempting to fill the holes of its programming lineup for the better part of a year. Former afternoon drive host Vincent “Buddy” Cianci passed away abruptly after suffering from severe abdominal pain in January of 2016 and controversial conservative host John DePetro left his 9 a.m.-12 p.m. post back in December.

WPRO features NBC 10 anchorman Gene Valicenti (6-9 a.m.), Tara Granahan (9-noon), Matt Allen (12-3 p.m.), Dan Yorke (3-6 p.m.) and now Gresh in its weekday rotation.

WPRO has long been a success in Rhode Island, besting news competition WGBH, WHJJ, RI National Public Radio and WPRV, but the ratings have slipped with the loss of Cianci and DePetro to its programming lineup, dropping from a 5.0 to a 3.4 from December to January. That said, the numbers of the four other competitors combined still don’t equal that of WPRO’s numbers.

The acquisition of Gresh as its evening program host is an interesting one.

Sports talk titans WEEI and the Sports Hub have dominated the sports radio scene since its origins. WEEI has an affiliate in Rhode Island, 103.7 FM, which broadcasts all the usual weekday shows on the station along with its game coverage of Providence College men’s basketball during the winter months.

Is Gresh’s addition one that will make listeners tune their dials away from WEEI in Providence, and keep those around that regularly tune in for Rhode Island news talk on 630 AM and 99.7 FM? That will be the most important question as the show launches in the coming days.

This brings to light a recent argument between WEEI fill-in host and former co-host of the highly-rated “The Big Show” with Glenn Ordway, Pete Sheppard, and WPRI sports analyst Mark Dondero, who has a morning show on the Providence affiliate on weekend mornings. Programming interrupted Sheppard’s show with Barstool Sports’ Jerry Thornton in Providence, and Sheppard claimed that sales at EEI had multiple complaints from people in Southern New England who wanted to listen to the Boston lineup.

Do listeners in Rhode Island want more on the Rhody Rams and Friars or, like Sheppard claims, more of the Boston-dominant chatter heard on the 93.7 dial in Massachusetts?

“This is Providence’s show, and you’re going to be able to talk about URI and PC and things like that,” Gresh said in an interview that was featured on the station’s press release Friday.

It’s an interesting discussion. In Gresh’s evening slot, WEEI will air mainly Red Sox games or Mike Mutnansky’s “Mut at Night” when the Sox are off. The EEI affiliate in Providence features both of these programs, along with the Bruins playoff games after the Providence affiliate bought the rights to air the hockey games that are on both EEI and 98.5 in Rhode Island.

What WPRO fails to address in its release is that the market has not been without sports talk in the region. Having an affiliate in Providence strongly aides WEEI’s presence all across New England. Listeners are accustomed to tuning their dials to 103.7 FM throughout their weekdays, but with rampant game coverage consuming WEEI during Red Sox season, perhaps the suits at WPRO believe this is an opportunity to present a syndicated alternative.

Will it be effective in the coming months? Only time will truly tell.


The Kirk & Callahan NCAA-Hole Bracket

For the second consecutive year, the morning show on WEEI decided to implement its own spin on the annual NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament. Instead of opting for the conventional “Best Athlete in Boston” or “Best College Basketball Player” bracket, Kirk and Callahan producers Chris Curtis and Ken Laird  with the approval of show hosts Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan – constructed the “NCAA-Hole Bracket” consisting of 16 media members – both in Boston and national – who are the most-disdained personalities in the media landscape.

Noted horse racing enthusiast and WEEI radio host Mike Mutnansky, host of Mut at Night and Red Sox pre and postgame on the station along with frequenting on K&C, set the odds for his picks in the bracket during his weekly Friday visit to the morning show on WEEI. Here’s how the field breaks down from the oddsmaker’s point of view:

Kirk Minihane (Favorite)

Kirk Minihane

Kirk’s list of enemies across the region and nationally is lengthy. He has been suspended twice for his on-air altercation with WEEI midday co-host and former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria and once more for an off-the-air incident involving the two hosts. His time at Comcast Sports Net and his vocal, public criticism of many other personalities is unprecedented in the market and even expanded the list to include Joe HaggertyAndy GreshKevin Paul DuPontMike SalkDan Shaughnessy and even former co-host John Dennis.

Minihane received national attention once again when he jokingly suggested that Patriots owner Robert Kraft hire someone to murder NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after his Deflategate penalty handed down on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick was far too harsh. Then-New York Post columnist Bart Hubbuch called for Kirk to lose his job at CSNNE, which he did for sometime. Shaughnessy even retweeted the tweet, which edited parts of the segment to make Minihane’s intent seem malicious.

Callers disdain Kirk for his attitude toward them. He regularly berates his producers. Co-workers think he’s prickly and easily irritable. He’s as polarizing a figure as there is in Boston sports media, with lovers and defenders of the host labeled “Mini-fans” and the haters like Larry from Newburyport just as vocal on social media, the text line and the airwaves.

The defending NCAA-Hole bracket champion, Kirk easily bested WEEI afternoon co-host Dale Arnold in the 2017 first round match-up, taking 72 percent of the 8,302 votes on the Kirk and Callahan Twitter poll. As polarizing and as hated a figure is Minihane is, it’s easy to figure why he would be the favorite in the bracket. He awaits the winner of No. 2 seed Callahan and No. 3 seed Fauria in the second round.

Alex Reimer (3/1)

Alex Reimer

Alex Reimer is sort of a dark horse in the tournament, truly emerging on the Boston landscape just a few months ago and is now the No. 1 seed in the Casting Couch region of the bracket. Reimer made the most of his opportunity with Kirk and Callahan, earning a job as a full-time WEEI.com scribe and has been a mainstay on the Casting Couch since his debut a few months ago.

His list of haters has grown in his time with the station. No one hates Alex more than the WEEI callers, and even Kirk thinks his voice is irritable when driving around listening to the show. Reimer’s politics are polarizing – he’s a noted liberal and he and Boston Herald columnist Steve Buckley are the only public homosexual sports media personalities in town. Sports Illustrated media columnist Richard Deitsch thinks he’s writing provocative things to continue to grow his brand and get his name out there. Pete Sheppard battled it out on-air with Alex after Reimer criticized his take on Claude Julien‘s firing and said Alex can say things on air that others can’t because of his sexual orientation.

Reimer called Donald Trump‘s election America’s moral 9/11, has dropped swears on-air and has been eviscerated on the text line, social media and the callers and listeners can’t stand him. The haters far outweigh the “Reim Jobs.” Mut’s 3/1 odds are fairly accurate.

Reimer will take on No. 4 seed Trenni Kusnierek in the first round.

Tony Massarotti (5/1)

Tony Massarotti

If the Felger and Massarotti show was on WEEI, there is no question that Tony Massarotti would be victorious in the NCAA-Hole bracket. Unlike Kirk and much like Reimer, Mazz has far more haters than he does supporters.

The former NESN Insider, Boston Herald and Boston Globe baseball writer, Mazz has been apart of the highly-rated afternoon show on 98.5 the Sports Hub since its origin in 2009. The show has been the most successful show in the market in that time span, but Mazz has his share of critics. Most think of Massarotti as being as negative and contrarian as anyone in Boston. Listeners are critical of his high-pitched, squeaky voice (which the show has made into a bit, but most mock him for it) and for agreeing with co-host Michael Felger far too often. Some believe he is the leader in the clubhouse for faux outrage.

Because Massarotti is on the station across the street and isn’t a day-in, day-out integral part of K&C, which is the show  hosting the bracket, I don’t see Mazz upsetting the baseball scribes, Reimer, Minihane or even some ESPN personalities.

Massarotti’s first round opponent in the Writers Region is No. 2 seed Shaughnessy. Mazz may be a bit overpriced at his 5/1 odds, but the No. 3 seed is appropriate for the afternoon radio host.

Pete Abraham (5/1)

Pete Abraham

Boston Globe Red Sox beat writer Pete Abraham was a late addition to the K&C NCAA-Hole bracket, replacing SB Nation’s Charlotte Wilder.

The hate for Pete Abe has never been as strong as it is right now. He has had public disputes with Barstool Sports’ Jared Carrabis for his reporting on Pablo Sandoval‘s social media activity during a Red Sox game last season, and has targeted Twitter users who criticize David Price as being racists.

Abraham’s mentions have been flooded with comments mocking Pete for his response to a Sox fan, calling him a “grand wizard” for saying Boston is a better team without Price. It’s the talk of town, as writers are blogging about it and it has dominated both the morning and midday shows on WEEI over the past few days:

Pete was even featured in Larry Johnson‘s Friday cartoon:

After the heat in his mentions became too overwhelming, Pete finally tweeted out an apology. It happened to come at 11:46 PM on Friday night when most people were asleep:

Somehow, Pete was bested by the No. 1 seed in the writers region John Tomase (more on him later) by a slight 53-47 percent margin. “Recency,” as Mut put it, is pretty applicable with Pete Abe, as his recent happenings have him as one of the most-hated media members in town, but apparently, and rather surprisingly, not as hated as Tomase.

Dan Shaughnessy (6/1)

Dan Shaughnessy

The longtime Boston Globe writer turned-columnist and part-time radio host on the station across the street, Shaughnessy has been a pariah in Boston for nearly 40 years. Referred to as “Shank” by those who don’t care for his takes, Shaughnessy has been tormenting the fans of Boston by seemingly always taking the pessimistic or negative stance on everything sports-related going on in the city.

Shaughnessy was quick to criticize “homer” Judge Richard Berman after Berman overturned Brady’s four-game suspension back in the summer of 2015. He constantly gets on players and coaches who he feels underperforms and doesn’t live up to he and the city’s lofty expectations. Some consider Shaughnessy to be one of if not the biggest trolls in town.

When sports aren’t as relevant in town during the late-winter months, Shaughnessy takes more of a backseat and isn’t nearly as disliked as he is during the football and baseball seasons. Because the bracket is running during the dead space of seasons prior to the basketball and hockey playoffs, I’d expect Shaughnessy to get stumped before the final bracket.

Mut placed Dan’s odds at 6/1, which may be a bit overrated due to his lack of “recency” at the current time. It should be a nail-biter between the two seam heads – Mazz and Shaughnessy – in round one of the writers region.

Albert in Rhode Island (8/1)

Albert in RI following his Casting Couch appearance

I’m not sure the hate for Albert from Rhode Island is as strong outside of the P1 Kirk and Callahan listeners as some of the other members of the NCAA-Hole bracket, but there is no question his anti-Brady conspiracy theories and hot takes anger the average listener who flips on the radio on their morning commute just as much as the die-hard K&C fans.

Albert is a soundbite machine, and recently got into a spat with “Pete Sheppard” after he called in thinking Mut was Pete. Ken loaded up some Pete drops to battle with Albert, after he contented he would not be surprised if Brady, who has seemingly defied all odds in performing as well as he has so late into his career, were to pop on a list containing players who have used HGH or steroids to maintain his high-level of play.

A couple weeks later, Albert called and relayed his wife, whom he just married last year, was already divorcing him before calling in a few days later and saying he made it all up. Curtis and Ken had already tried setting Albert up on a WEEI-sponsored date with either Trenni or WEEI.com’s Lucy Burdge, but Albert led everybody on and was briefly banned from K&C by Kirk.

Albert’s lack of name recognition outside of the P1 listeners, despite his Casting Couch appearance, make him a bit overvalued at 8/1. However, his first round match-up is with an equally less recognizable Evan Drellich, who exploded on K&C in Fort Myers after the guys criticized the Red Sox beat writers for not asking tougher questions. The No.2 seed in the Casting Couch region, Albert is expected to advance to the second round.

John Tomase (10/1)

John Tomase

The hate for Tomase is stronger than I would have thought. Patriot fans will never let him live down his story that falsely claimed New England pre-taped the St. Louis Rams’ walkthrough prior to Super Bowl XXXVI – helping fuel to national Patriot-hating fire and feed the narrative that New England is a bunch of cheaters.

Tomase made an enemy of former Red Sox pitcher turned Breitbart staffer Curt Schilling after Schilling went on FOX News and defended Trump for essentially calling a young child a pretty young lady. Tomase said Schilling was unhinged, and an epic battle ensued back in October on K&C. A few weeks later, Tomase, a democrat, had to sit through four hours of Gerry gloating about Trump winning the election in a stunning upset. The “Listen, I love Felger” drop adds some fuel to the fire after Tomase was discussing Felger’s comments suggesting that Celtics forward Al Horford should have missed the birth of his child to play in a regular season game in the middle of the NBA season.

After advancing to the second round of the NCAA-Hole bracket and stomping the red-hot Pete Abe, Tomase’s value at 10/1 is extremely high. He’s ahead of nearly anyone on this list at this point, even Reimer and Minihane.

Bomani Jones (12/1)

Bomani Jones

When you insinuate that the whole city of Boston is racist, then you’d have to expect that the disdain for you is strong. The No. 2 seed in the ESPN region, Bomani Jones went on Around the Horn and his own radio show on the network, the Right Time, and criticized Celtics’ fans for their cheering of Utah Jazz’ forward Gordon Hayward in hopes he would choose Boston as his free-agent destination this summer. Jones insinuated that Celtics’ fans would welcome Hayward more than they would an African American free-agent because of its history of racism toward athletes like Bill Russell and Jim Rice.

Kirk then tried to confront Bomani on his own show after Jones refused to go on K&C, and “Kevin in Boston” was immediately hung up on after he revealed himself. The dislike for Bomani is similar to the treatment that Pete Abe is experiencing right now, as essentially the whole city flooded his mentions and was blocked by him on Twitter after his notifications became too much to bare.

Mut placed Bomani’s odds of victory at 12/1, which is pretty good value. It would be no surprise if Jones emerged as the eventual victor of the ESPN Region.

Dan Le Batard (12/1)

Dan Le Batard

The No. 1 seed in the ESPN Region, Dan Le Batard is as hated amongst New England faithful is anyone who resides in Bristol, Connecticut. Like Bomani Jones, he has piled on the city of Boston, calling its residents racists. Le Batard thinks Brady should take a stand on his relationship with the President of the United States, and said the five-time Super Bowl champion should be “ashamed of himself” for not speaking out or going all-in on his friendship with Trump.

Prior to Super Bowl LI, Le Batard made it a point to compare the Patriots wide receivers, which consists of three white pass catchers (Danny AmendolaJulian Edelman and Chris Hogan) to Atlanta’s receiving contingent of Julio JonesMohammad Sanu and Taylor Gabriel, all of whom are African American and implied that New England prefers white wide receivers. He went on a social media blocking spree against everyone who questioned his opinion, and failed to back up his assertion on any local forum and called the people of Boston “stupid.” Who could forget him crying on SportsCenter after Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez killed himself and two others in a boating accident after alcohol and drugs were involved? “I’m sorry, this is embarrassing,” Le Batard whimpered on set.

The hate for Le Batard and all those working out of Bristol in Boston is as strong as can be. Mut’s 12/1 odds are pretty spot on, and Le Batard is a shoe-in for the second round after he takes on the beloved Red Sox radio pairing in the opening match-up.

Gerry Callahan (15/1)

Gerry Callahan

The former Sports Illustrated and Boston Herald columnist turned-17-year WEEI morning radio host is the No. 2 seed in the WEEI Region, and Callahan is certain to anger the majority of the Massachusetts listeners who disagree vehemently with Gerry’s conservative political ideology.

Callahan rarely unleashes a hot sports take or takes the pessimistic, contrarian view like some of his counterparts on the other radio station just for reaction. Gerry is a pretty straight-up, call it like I see it kind of host, and doesn’t fain outrage when it’s not necessary. In other words, it’s not like Callahan is playing a role or a character on the show like some criticize Massarotti for doing on the opposing afternoon show. Some rail against him for what they believe is currying favor with Boston athletes like Brady and not going at him hard enough during his weekly Monday morning interview on the show during the football season.

New England is a very liberal region, and Gerry’s love for Trump and anti-PC stance is sure to garner him some votes to advance past his first round opponent in Fauria. It would be a stunner if Callahan advanced to the Final Four and upset his co-host Minihane in the second round. Mut nailed the 15/1 odds, as Gerry is a long shot to take home the title.

Christian Fauria (25/1)

Christian Fauria

We’re digging deeper and deeper into the long shots here, as Fauria is the No. 3 seed in the WEEI Region simply based on the fact he waged war against the morning show.

As referenced above in Minihane’s section, the two have had multiple incidents both on and off-the-air, and Kirk recently mocked Fauria by impersonating him with a slow voice in trying to mimic how he talks on-air.

The midday co-host has made an enemy out of his producer, Paul Chartier, after he publicly criticized Paul for not being as well prepared for the show because he works a second job as a weekend bartender. Aside from workers at WEEI, the hate for Fauria doesn’t stem very deep. Callahan is a more polarizing figure, and is the favorite to stump Fauria in their first round match-up.

Trenni Kusnierek (75/1)

Trenni Kusnierek

There really isn’t an in-between position on the No. 2 seed in the Casting Couch Region – you either love or hate Trenni, who has become a staple on K&C and is the highest-rated rotating host on the show.

The CSNNE anchor battled Alexis Dent back in November, after Dent challenged Trenni on her tweets defending the MMQB’s Robert Klemko, who tweeted out a video of Buffalo Bills’ fans tackling a dummy and claiming they yelled,”Tackle the Muslim!” Dent was there and asserted she never heard a thing.

Kusnierek is very outspoken about politics, and is very progressive in lobbying for equal rights and women’s rights – her Twitter bio adds that although she is a sports reporter, she will not stick to sports. As a Milwaukee native, some callers think Trenni doesn’t know enough about the Boston culture to comment on the town’s teams, as she’s been critical of the Patriots in their handling of Deflategate.

The people at Entercom, WEEI’s parent company, love Kusnierek for the female perspective she provides on K&C and her weekend show with Tomase. Unlike Kirk and Gerry, Trenni isn’t nearly as harsh on the ESPNers who have criticized the city. A long shot to win the bracket, Kusnierek’s strong opinions on both politics and sports should place her ahead of Fauria and in the range of about 20/1.

Joe Castiglione/Tim Neverett (99/1)

Tim Neverett and Joe Castiglione

People like to rag on Red Sox radio booth commentators Joe Castiglione and Tim Neverett. Castiglione is in the Red Sox Hall of Fame and curries favor with the hometown team and some chide on Neverett for his approach to broadcasting.

Minihane’s contention has been that it isn’t that difficult to do play-by-play, and the morning guys have been trying to have a crack at doing a baseball game to prove their point. Many of the P1 WEEI listeners agree with Kirk and Gerry:

The 99/1 odds Mut placed on the pair is an accurate assessment. The Red Sox are as beloved a team in town, and fans will never forget the classic Castiglione calls when Boston won its first World Series in 86 years back in 2004. The duo surely will be booted from the bracket in their first round bout with Le Batard.

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Top Kirk and Callahan Moments: Winter Ratings Book

A lot has happened since the beginning of the winter ratings book on WEEI and on Kirk & Callahan. The Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl in the Tom BradyBill Belichick era, the Bruins fired Claude Julien (much to the chagrin of Pete Sheppard), Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Entercom and CBS Radio joined forces, there seemingly will be no permanent third host with Kirk Minhane and Gerry Callahan and Ken Laird is a father.

As per usual, K&C had plenty of highlight-reel moments in the three-month span. Here’s the best of the best with two weeks remaining in the winter ratings book:

No. 10 – Gerry goes to the Inauguration

Nobody was more excited to see Trump become the 45th president than Gerry. Not so much for his like of Trump, but for his absolute disdain for the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Gerry basked in glow of victory on the post-election show, as WEEI.com writer and noted liberal John Tomase had to sit and deal with Callahan’s excitement for four full hours.

Gerry decided to head to Washington D.C. for Trump’s Inauguration, ran into press secretary Sean Spicer and even called in shortly before Trump was sworn in.

“He was very friendly and very short,” Callahan said of Spicer. “I said, ‘You should call in sometime. We’d love to have you on the show.’” Spicer invited K&C to the White House if the Patriots won the Super Bowl, so it’s a possibility that the guys could accompany the team on their trip.

“A block from Trump Hotel is madness,” Gerry said. “I told you I was going to stay away from the anarchists but it’s impossible. They’re everywhere. The Trumpkins outnumber the protesters so far. We’re right by the side of the Capitol. [Trump] is right near us now. We have to find a place to stand. It’s total madness. We just walked by a massive anti-Black Lives Matter protest. You want to talk about balls.”


“If a caller every called on a phone that crappy, you would’ve hung up on them in three seconds,” co-host Mike Mutnansky joked.

No. 9 Entercom/CBS Radio Merger

This was sort of a stunner, and still no one really knows the true implications of this move quite yet, but nonetheless, the parent companies of WEEI and 98.5 the Sports Hub have merged and Entercom has absorbed CBS Radio.

It seems that now it really won’t matter to Entercom whether or not Ordway, Merloni and Fauria beat out Zolak and Bertrand, because all the money and ad revenue is going into one pot, although I’d assume the hosts will continue to be competitive when it comes to their respective ratings.

“It almost sort of feels like the war is over,” Kirk said in a recent Enough About Me podcast with Glenn Ordway.

Even 98.5 is starting to acknowledge EEI, which it never did in the past, as they put themselves about the fray. Michael Felger twice has made mention of fellow afternoon host Dale Arnold and said he’d prefer an Entercom minute with Dale over the CBS Sports minutes with Doug Gottlieb and Jim Rome, and has referenced EEI as its “sister station.”

The news even made headlines in the Boston Herald:


No. 8 – Albert v. Pete Sheppard

Albert in Rhode Island has a long history of calling into sports radio shows in Boston, spewing his hot takes about how Brady isn’t a great quarterback and how the Patriots essentially win in spite of him. He even sat in on Dino’s Casting Couch back in the fall.

Albert called in at the end of February thinking he was speaking to Pete Sheppard, but instead was talking to Mut.

“Is that Mut on the set today with you guys?”

“No. It’s actually Jon Meterparel and Pete Sheppard with Kirk,” Mut replied.

“Of course it’s Sheppard. I should’ve known with his stupid voice.”

Albert had no idea it was Mut while Ken played old Pete drops that didn’t make any sense, but Albert still didn’t get it.

Pete Sheppard

“I’m listening to Pete talk. What if you saw at 1 p.m. today that Brady was caught with HGH?”

After a few seconds of silence, ‘Pete’ replied, “He’s done diddly poo. Friggin’ muppet.”

“Pete has been pathetic in this segment!” Kirk said.

“How else do you explain all this stuff to some young people in your life? You’re a disgusting human being. It’s an embarrassment!” ‘Pete’ said.

“You can’t answer it! The fact they even put you on this show is an embarrassment!” Albert said.

“Wow. Pete got his ass kicked there,” Mut joked.

No. 7 – Radio Row

The guys went down to Houston for Super Bowl LI, and as usual, welcomed a cast of characters for interviews during their week on site, which featured great insight from FS1’s Jason Whitlock, Sirius XM’s Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo, Barstool Sports President Dave PortnoyChris Simms and ESPN’s Ryen Russillo and Stephen A. Smith.

Russo was fired up about Roger Goodell not visiting Gillette Stadium throughout the 2017 season and defended Brady, saying he doesn’t need to speak out against his friendship with Trump. Portnoy was banished from Radio Row along with the rest of the Barstool contingent, so Pres had to sit in the hotel lobby for his interview. Portnoy dished on his beef with Michael Felger from 98.5 after Felger objected to his comments comparing Goodell to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime.

Russillo revealed some interesting insight as to what went down specifically between he and former Dennis and Callahan co-host John Dennis before Dino left him the infamous voicemail threatening to assault him. Just another Super Bowl week.

No. 6 – Mayor Marty Walsh defends Sanctuary Cities

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh went on with Kirk and Gerry and defended the city of Boston, claiming that it is not a racist city despite the outcries of discrimination from ESPN personalities.

Former Mayor Menino (left) with Mayor Walsh (right) at Fenway Park

“That stuff bothers me,” Walsh said. “When I read that, I get upset about it, because in the past we’ve had problems. Obviously Bill Russell’s problems have been very well documented. Other folks’ have been very well documented. It’s another issue that we’re working on. I don’t like the label of having a racist city. I think it’s important for us to be a fully inclusive city. It’s not even about athletes coming to our city to play in the city. I think it’s about making sure that when people come to our city – I know and I feel that Boston is a world class city. One of the best cities in the world. And to have people label us? Yeah, that bothers me. It should bother all of us.”

Things got testy when Walsh was challenged by Minihane and Callahan on his plan for a sanctuary city.

“So what you’re telling us is only children will be allowed to sleep in your office, like you said, in City Hall?” Kirk asked.

“Don’t be a wise guy about it,” Walsh shot back.

“How? You just said kids and I said kids. How am I being a wise guy?”

“Because of the way you’re framing it all here.”

“Framing what?! You said kids and I said kids.”

“What are you yelling for? I’m not yelling at you. What are you getting so mad about?”

No. 5 – Media Dismantling

All of these really could have been broken up into their own moments, and while one of them was, it felt more appropriate to encompass all media members who ran into the wrath of and Gerry and Kirk over the last three months.

Things were kicked off with Hall of Fame voters Mike Shalin and Randy Miller, who both did not vote for Curt Schilling and didn’t have any real good excuses as to why they omitted him from their ballots when they came on the show. Political disdain and the new ‘character clause’ made this easier now than before, but it makes Schilling’s borderline candidacy almost all for naught. It’s looking more and more like No. 38 will be on the outside looking in at Cooperstown, as his voting numbers have hit a standstill.

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox
Curt Schilling

Then came the A.J Perez’s and Dave Zirin’s and Jake O’Donnell’s of the world, who Kirk and Gerry disagreed with and slapped around after they were made fools of on the issue of race in Boston and whether or not Brady should take a stand on his friendship with Trump. Even ESPN’s Dan Le Batard got in on the action, making the subject of the Patriots v. Falcons wide receivers a race issue, then declined his invite on K&C.


Charlotte Wilder took things a step further and said that the Patriots have a ‘Trump problem’ because Brady, Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft all are friendly with the new POTUS. Wilder cited just one instance where fans are now rescinding their support from the team out in Lincoln, Massachusetts with Susan Pease, which has now become a non-stop joke on social media. Wilder was approached by Kirk in Houston and declined an invite on the show, only to go on Facebook and claim that Kirk and Gerry were hitting on her late at night in a Texas bar.

She was a perfect example for Kirk’s contention that in this climate, people can write whatever they want and they don’t really have to answer for it. Wilder was crucified on Twitter by the Patriots faithful, while many rushed to her defense and defended her story.

No. 4 – ‘Kevin in Boston’

After ESPN’s Bomani Jones went on Around the Horn and his own radio show on the network, the Right Time, and criticized Celtics’ fans for their cheering of Utah Jazz’ forward Gordon Hayward in hopes he would choose Boston as his free-agent destination this summer, Jones insinuated that Celtics’ fans would welcome Hayward more than they would an African American free-agent because of its history of racism toward athletes like Bill Russell and Jim Rice.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones

Producer Chris Curtis did his best to get Jones on K&C to discuss his comments, which Jones then said were just jokes after being pressured on social media and blocked any and all users on Twitter who tweeted at him about the subject with the slightest hint of disagreement. Jones declined the invite to join Kirk and Gerry a number of times.

“I’ve lived in Boston my whole life,” Kirk said on K&C. “They’re calling me a racist, you a racist, the whole city of Boston racists.”

“We out here telling jokes about Boston being excited about a good white player [Hayward] showing up,” Jones said on his show the day after he received some backlash on social media for his comments.

After attempts to get Jones on the morning show failed, Minihane decided he’d had enough, and tried to get Bomani to talk to him about the subject on Jones’ show as ‘Kevin in Boston.’

“Let’s talk to Kevin in Boston. Thanks for calling the Right Time, Kevin.”

“Oh, did you say Kevin? This is actually Kirk Minihane from the Kirk and Callahan show.”

“Whoa, whoa, bang on this. Hang up. We’re not doing that. Kirk Minihane is the co-host of the morning show on WEEI. That’s a stunt. I’m not doing stunts, man,” Bomani said.

No. 3 – Pete Sheppard v. Alex Reimer

When informed of Pete Sheppard‘s return to K&C Thursday, WEEI.com writer Alex Reimer said Pete was “totally wrong” in his anti-Bruins ownership rant.

Upon having the sound from Alex on Wednesday’s show played back in the Thursday’s open in the 8 AM hour, Pete began to mock Alex for calling him out on his take.

Which he was totally wrong about by the way. Friggin’ muppet. What part was I totally wrong about, Alex?”

Pete compared Cam Neely, who was in Sheppard’s path during the monologue Friday, to a “muppet and puppet” like Alex.

“When’s the last time Alex has been in a locker room or talked to anybody?” Pete said. “I’ll give Alex this, he’s a very good writer. I enjoy reading his stuff on WEEI.com. But his muppet personality with you guys? He’s a muppet! I think because he is gay he thinks certain rules don’t apply to him. If I told the story he told on-the-air, I’d be fired. If I said I was at a lesbian bar and saw the same thing and told it in nauseating detail, I’d probably be fired. That’s riveting radio! That’s great! Fantastic!”

Alex Reimer

Then Alex phoned in to defend himself and it was another epic fight ensued:

“Pete, I heard you’re calling for my job?” Reimer said.

“What job?!” Pete rebuffed. “I just said you were a good writer. It’s not calling for your job, you over-sensitive idiot. That’s typical of people your age to think your job is on the line because you’ve done so much and you’ve expressed yourself. Go on, give me some more of your muppet logic. C’mon! Can we shut the muppet down for a second?! You know nothing about the Bruins.”

Then Alex said he thinks Pete’s attacks are partially sexual orientation-driven, half-joking I’m sure, but Pete obviously denied going after Alex because he is gay, which clearly was not Pete’s intention.

“You sound like the sensitive one in the conversation,” Reimer said to Pete.

Alex criticized Pete for essentially getting the story wrong and again questioned his sources, who he claimed was Jimmy Murphy.

“Once again, muppet, it’s not my source,” Pete said. “You can’t even comment on the Boston Bruins, you know nothing about it. I’ve interviewed that team and covered those guys for many, many years. When you were watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers and finding yourself out in the real world, some of us were down there covering the team. I’ve actually been in locker rooms. What locker room have you been in? You are a muppet and you have been enabled. He’s morphed into Tickle Me Elmo.”

No. 2 – ‘Dino’ returns to K&C

I don’t think I’ve ever heard more genuine laughter from Kirk, Gerry or Curtis during a single segment than this one, as former co-host John Dennis reunited with his old pals Gerry and Kirk and didn’t have a whole lot to say after spending the past few months as a retiree.

After Gerry introduced himself to his former co-host for 17 years, Dino didn’t know how to react until he repeated his hilarious “Hey, my friends! Good morning!” intro.

John Dennis

Ken executed the Dino drops seamlessly back in Brighton as Dennis was brought to life in Fort Myers. Laird loaded up past questions from Dino during old interviews from Spring Training as Kirk and Gerry answered the questions then asked some of their own before Dino was startled and moved on to his next thought.

“You don’t think Sandoval is going to perform well this season, Dino?” Gerry asked.

“Hey, my friends! Good morning!”

Perhaps the best input from Dino was about socks, and not those kind of Sox.

“I agree with you when you’re talking about general society, but in this particular case in general society, you can wear your socks anyway you want to.”

Kirk couldn’t even finish his next thought. “Sure, I’m not sure how relevant that is to the question,” he said. “I know you’re rusty, it’s been a while, but I like the rotation and I like I do [laughter]”

A classic, hilarious organic segment that really brought out the creative juices on the final live-broadcast from JetBlue Park.

No. 1 – Evan Drellich v. Kirk & Callahan

Not sure there’ll be much of an argument about this one. Conflict sells, and Kirk and Gerry do a better job of this than really anyone else in the market. Minihane has essentially made a career off of it, so it’s no surprise that their spat with then-Boston Herald Red Sox beat writer Evan Drellich is atop the winter moments.

Drellich was on K&C last summer after Kirk called out the Sox beat guys for being too easy on Boston manager John Farrell, and he defended himself saying he wasn’t like the “rest of ‘em,” who Minihane characterized as “dick-less.”

This time, Drellich was on site in Fort Myers, Florida with the rest of the Sox media contingent while Kirk and Gerry were broadcasting live during Spring Training, and 40 minutes of chaos ensued after he challenged the hosts for their coverage of Farrell:

Evan Drellich

“More people get their Red Sox news from us. You might be more plugged in, but more people get their news from us. You think people know more from listening to your Facebook videos when you and Jason Mastrodonato talk about who’s going to be the 4th starter?!” Kirk joked.

“Do you think you produced one bit of new information yesterday?” Drellich asked.

“No! Not one. Zero,” Kirk replied.

“So how does that make you a better interviewer than any of us?”

“You just criticized us for not asking about pinch-running for Steven Wright, correct?” Callahan asked. “If we had asked that, what would Evan Drellich have said? ‘We covered that six months ago! Capital letters! Old news!’”

“Evan you can leave whenever you’d like it’s fine,” Kirk said. “Walk out. We don’t care.”

“The topic is whether or not you gave a good interview or about whether or not we’re good at covering baseball,” Drellich replied.

“No. You took at shot at us, or me, for being too soft on Tom Brady,” Gerry said.

“Go back to when he first opened up about [Donald Trump]. It took you 15 minutes to get to the subject and then you almost went away from it,” Drellich said.

“You would never talk to Brady like [the way I did about Alex Guerrero]. You would do what you do with Farrell and [Dustin] Pedroia and [Mookie] Betts and massage them,” Kirk said.

“Farrell has gotten up and walked away from me during interviews before!” Drellich said. “I’m sorry you didn’t like the bullpen piece I did in the middle of spring training.”

“It’s not that I didn’t like it. I didn’t read it,” Callahan said.

“I don’t think you read ever. Sean Leahy said you could write anytime you’d like.”

“I know. He desperately needs me.”

“Get over yourselves!” Drellich concluded.

Honorable Mention

Alex No. 2 calls in after Reimer cheated on him

Yes, this has nothing to do with sports, but there aren’t a whole lot of times when there is such pure awkwardness on a radio show or someone’s personal life is at the forefront of a segment, and this was about as awkward as it gets.

Reimer revealed he had broken up with his boyfriend, whom Kirk and Gerry called Alex No. 2, on the mid-January show.

Curtis wasted no time in trying to get in touch with Alex and brought him on the show to discuss what went down between the two:

“I just saw on Twitter that you guys have been talking about it and I figured he’d been lying about it so I figured I’d call in and set the record straight. He cheated and lied about it for months,” Alex No. 2 said.

“That’s the beauty of being young and single. You can cheat,” Gerry joked.

“Alex is rattled,” Kirk added.

Trenni reveals her Boston media dream man

A CSNNE reporter, Trenni Kusnierek has been frequenting the Casting Couch after switching over from 98.5, and now has her own weekend show with Tomase on Saturdays.

Trenni Kusnierek

Trenni came in during the Wilder aftermath and defended her from the Twitter crazies that were lashing out at her for her story.

After being suggested Curtis, Gary Tanguay, Dino and Mike Giardi, Kirk asked if she had to reproduce with any Boston media member who would it be. She opted for CSNNE’s Phil A. Perry.

“He’s tall, he’s handsome and he’s intelligent. He’s fluent in French. He went to Georgetown, he’s well-read,” she said.

Enough About Me Ep.52/53 — Glenn Ordway

At long last, Kirk Minihane of Kirk and Callahan on WEEI finally got station midday host Glenn Ordway to come on his Enough About Me podcast for what will turn out to be two different podcasts, which make sense seeing Ordway’s career is pretty expansive.

Some credit Ordway for essentially creating effective sports talk radio, particularly in Boston which is much different from the chatter heard across other markets and stations. Even for someone like myself who isn’t even 20-years-old yet, I remember driving around with my Dad listening to the Big Show and the Whiner Line on Friday afternoons.63657_180

Much like Dennis and Callahan with John Dennis and Gerry Callahan were during the morning drive-time slot, the Big Show was appointment listening and was so engrained in the Boston sports culture at the time and even still today, even though the landscape and the way we listen has changed a bit. When thinking about the Red Sox, hovering around the second or third thing on that list has to be WEEI, particularly given how frequently live remotes were done at Fenway during the baseball season.

Along with the Michael HolleyLou Merloni and Gerry Callahan episodes, the inside radio/inner-workings of WEEI EAM podcasts are always the best, and thus far this one proved no different. Here’s the highlights from episode one, and you can listen to the podcast here:

Glenn Ordway at a Fenway Park remote (Boston.com)

Glenn was fired back in 2013 after the revamped Big Show with Michael Holley apparently wasn’t cutting it for the WEEI management at the time shortly after the formation of 98.5 the Sports Hub and the ongoing competition with Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti in the afternoon drive-time slot. Glenn relayed how he was called into the then-program director Jason Wolfe’s office to talk after a show when Wolfe, with tears in his eyes, told Glenn the news that he was being fired. An interesting backstory to find out about now, Ordway was planning on staying on-the-air until Friday before announcing he and the station would no longer be working together, but information leaked to the Boston Globe, so word spread fairly quickly that he’d been canned. After Glenn and Holley beat Felger and Mazz during the 2013 spring ratings book, Ordway recalled then-Entercom Boston vice president Jeff Brown taking him out to dinner and congratulating him on the ratings but without Holley. Brown proceeded to get mad at Glenn and questioned his compete level after claiming that the ratings would swing back-and-forth between both stations when the flagship teams on each particular station were performing better.

Ordway was replaced by Mike Salk who was from Seattle. Everyone that ever listened to the Salk and Holley show knew that it wasn’t a great fit, and it sounded nothing like Boston sports talk radio. Glenn didn’t think he was a good host in this market but didn’t try and listen often, either.

“[You and I] talked a lot for two years,” Glenn said. “I thought the same thing [Salk wasn’t great] when I first heard him, but it wasn’t doing me any good to listen to him. I don’t think you can take someone from out of town and put them on-the-air full-time. Things change here in a five-year cycle and the fans have a really good feel for what’s going on. You hear these national shows and they lack emotion.”

The Big Show was not the same at its beginning as it was toward the end, and there was a slippage in quality from its peak.

“A lot of things happened,” Ordway said.”We did 18 years of show and for 15 years we were number one in key demographics. We peaked probably in the middle of it just like anything else.”

Glenn went on to explain the difficulties of his first gig in sports talk radio while he was still covering the Celtics. He had to do the show in a hotel at times because he was on the road with the team. The Celtics offered him a four-year deal in 1995 and he’d be able to do the show at the same time. He knew the inner-workings of the Celtics organization and knew they wanted to tank in order to get Tim Duncan in the draft and said essentially the same thing on the radio — Boston needed to get a lot worse before it could really become a championship team again. Glenn said he was then called in by former owner Paul Gaston and he told Ordway that you have to say ‘championship-driven’ when talking about the team. “I loved [covering the Celtics],” he said. “It’s still one of the highlights of my life but I couldn’t do it [given the circumstances.]”

The Big Show got its influence from WRKO, a news radio station under the Entercom ownership. Ordway was involved in programming with the station and noticed something he thought could stick. The infamous Big Show foundation was in place — something that Kirk and Gerry do now with their ‘Dino Casting Couch.’

“There was a show from WRKO where it was a three-man thing and they argued and debated,” Glenn said. “It’d be like if we were sitting around a bar talking and then there’s entertainment in it. Sean Grande was writing stuff for us and we had some really talented people at the beginning of it.”

Early on, the Big Show featured some real A-list guests that sat in with Glenn, including Gerry before he worked at WEEI full-time, Dan ShaughnessyBob RyanRon Borges and others.  By the time the show ended, that was not the case. Some of that was because the Globe banned its personnel from going on Glenn’s show after Borges read a comment from someone else calling New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu a racial slur. That prevented any writers from Morrissey Boulevard from coming on WEEI.

“We had the Globe issue when they boycotted over the Borges thing,” Glenn said. “Borges is not that type of guy and he didn’t mean it and I also think it was an excuse for the Globe to get its people off of WEEI because we were moving up in credibility and they were feeling threatened. We were suddenly becoming a force. The Globe only cares about what happens between the walls of Morrissey Boulevard, but it was like the best thing that ever happened to us. People loved that we just said, ‘Screw it’ and we weren’t going to bow down to the Boston Globe.”

He added: “We lost a lot of the A-listers. People were making an awful lot of money on this show so they offered a pay cut to our entire crew of 50 percent. Down the road, Pete [Sheppard] replaced Sean Grande and then they replaced him when he started making too much. Pete was great for the show. They got to the point where they trimmed the budget and kept trimming it where we ended up with a lot of B and C-listers. It became difficult.”

Toward the end of the podcast, Glenn discussed what happened after he was fired and how he was prevented from starting something new right away because WEEI paid his salary for a year. If he wanted to start something else, he would lose what was essentially free money.

“I had no clue [what to do] because I was blindsided by it,” Ordway said. “I just laughed. I had no idea what to do. I could’ve retired if I wanted to live a really quiet life. I couldn’t do anything for a while. They were paying me for a year and when I tried to do something else they fought it. I had an opportunity to do a full-time gig like Mad Dog at Sirius XM but I would’ve lost all the money. I thought about it and I thought about my kids and it didn’t make sense. I would’ve had to do some stuff in New York but I built a studio in my house so I didn’t have to go all the time and I thought, ‘This is the greatest thing in the world.’”

Ordway launched Big Show Unfiltered in March of 2014, which was an online version of the  old afternoon drive-time show on WEEI. This came after talks with Entercom and new VP Phil Zachary, which nearly saw Glenn and Minihane work the afternoons on WEEI.

omf-300“The [Big Show Unfiltered] audience wasn’t bad, but we couldn’t market it,” Glenn said. “We were still caught up with a lot of podcasts. I had an opportunity to come back to WEEI. After Zachary took over, he and I had lunch 7-8 weeks after that. He wanted me back and
we talked about a bunch of different time slots. We talked nights, afternoons. You know. You and I had dinners and they wanted to put you and I on afternoon drive and I would be able to move the chains. I think you’re terrific on-the-air. I think that’s why we kind of became friends out of the gate. We both had an affinity for radio.”

Obviously that never happened, and Big Show Unfiltered didn’t last long before Glenn returned to WEEI and became the midday host on the station with former Red Sox infielder Merloni and Patriots tight end Christian Fauria.

Part 2:

Kirk and Glenn opened the second part of the podcast reliving the Big Show, and the mistakes that WEEI has made in the past.

Minihane asked what pair of co-hosts Ordway would pick if he had to do one more Big Show in its peak.

“Depends on what was happening at the time,” Glenn said. “We had, I think, 117 co-hosts over the years on that show. It would be much better if you could get someone like Michael Felger and Sean McAdam on together, where there’s friction there, or Tony Mazz and [Steve] Buckley on the show where they’d go at it, it’s much better that way [instead of having chemistry.]”

The top mistake the station made previously was waiting to switch over FM radio after 98.5 had already been in that format for two years, according to Ordway. Glenn relayed a stat during the podcast which said that only 19 percent of the population had ever listened to AM radio at the time, and the Big Show was still doing tremendous numbers. A distant second was paying too much to maintain the rights of the Red Sox.

Before diving in to Kirk’s fight with Fauria, which takes up about 30 minutes of the podcast, Minihane and Glenn took one last trip down memory lane to discuss Ordway’s time with former legendary Celtics play-by-play guy Johnny Most.

Glenn teamed up with Most in 1982, the year after Boston won its first championship with Larry Bird, and things weren’t so friendly between the two right away.

“I went from WBZ to WRKO and then was hired by RKO,” Ordway said. “Most got sick so midway through that season they put me on the beat and they had me on the games with John. He was so insecure this young whippersnapper was going to take his gig. We went out to the bar one night to have it out and we had it out. I said, ‘I’m not trying to get your job. I’m trying to help extent your career.’”

Johnny Most

“We did seven years together and then I did seven more years after he left. He was really sick and it was really sad [at the end.]”

“The perception was you stabbed [Most] in the back,” Kirk said.

“Health stabbed him in the back,” Ordway added. “I was pushing Johnny in a wheelchair. I felt bad for what was going on with him, but at the end Johnny would never study. He would show up at the Garden and there were nights where he wouldn’t realize who [the Celtics] were playing. But he had the formula laid out in his head. In his mind he would say, ‘I hate this guy, I hate that guy.’ He was a fascinating guy, but the most insecure guy you’d ever come across.”

Then the most anticipated subject came up, and Kirk and Glenn got right into it about Minihane’s confrontation with Christian.

“I thought you were doing what you had to do to protect your show,” Ordway said. “You like battles. You were creating battles between middays and morning drive. You’re finally admitting you’ve copied everything I’ve ever done in my career except get fat. Everybody’s career is picking up a little bit of something from other people.”

“If you guys did that to us, I wouldn’t be pissed off,” Kirk said. “I would go on the air and be pissed about it. You’d have to give me that.”

“I would give you some of that,” Glenn said. “Christian’s different when it comes to this stuff. He’s developed in radio but he wasn’t a radio professional. You have a different approach to it. He was a lot more sensitive to it.”

“Then you called and you tried to tell me how to do things,” Kirk added.

“You said to me, how do you think it was handled? I said I don’t blame Fauria for being pissed off,” Glenn said.

“You said I was going after Fauria to attack him,” Minihane said.

Christian Fauria

“I said to you I think first of all things could have been corrected and it wasn’t handled properly,” Ordway added. “I think he was playing a tough guy and I don’t think he was going to hit you. You thought I was taking sides but you were also wrong. I wasn’t taking his side and kissing ass with [the midday hosts]. The narrative works better for you if you say, ‘Ordway took the sides of those guys for business purposes.’ I get it. It was an emotional period of time.”

Glenn continued: “Kirk, you love this shit. It works for you. It works for your personality. The first thing Fauria did after the incident when he sat down in the studio was he apologized to us and said he was wrong. He apologized because he knew he made an incident where there shouldn’t have been one.”

Ordway then disputed that Kirk would not have been mad if someone secretly taped one of his conversations like midday producer Paul Chartier did to Christian, which set him off.

“If you have a conversation privately where you’re ripping Joey or Phil Zackary or Dino…if I did that to you, you’d be bullshit. You’re being disingenuous.”

“I think that was totally overblown,” Minihane said. “You guys were doing the same shit. Curtis and Sausage were in here and they were taped before hand and Joey played it for Lou, Fauria and [Tim] Benz and they were laughing at it. It’s always our fault with you guys. Why is it always our fault? Mike Giardi was our fault. [Gary] Tanguay was our fault.”

“You are a sensitive little bitch,” Glenn replied. “I’m not saying it was all your fault. You guys both had involvement in it. You wanted me to kiss your ass that night on the phone and tell you, ‘Kirkie, you did nothing wrong today.’ I told you you were both wrong. You didn’t want me to tell you that two people can be wrong when involved in a conflict. I know that management hates the internal stuff, but the audience loves it and they want to get it behind the curtain.”

After the dust settled, the two hosts discussed the recent merger between the parent companies of the two sports station, Entercom and CBS Radio.

“I’ve been through a lot of these over the years,” Ordway said. “We know what it is. CBS was disappointed in CBS Radio – the whole operation of 120-plus stations. What it does for us? We have no leverage. Zero. [Both stations] own 28 percent of men in the market place. You control billing right now. Right now, if you look at the ratings, we’re [WEEI] dominating the upper echelon of the demographic with the 35 and they’re doing the same with the 25.”

“I feel like the fight is kind of over now,” Kirk said of the battle between 98.5 and WEEI.

“I was worried about the Sports Hub when we came on the air,” Glenn said. “They were on an FM station and we were on AM and we knew they were the real deal. We knew the talent that was over there.”

Ordway is pleased with the new direction of the station since he came back in September of 2015.

“I think we’ve made a lot of strides,” he said. “Bringing Dale back and myself back and the guy that joined up with Gerry Callahan might have helped a little bit with the success of it. I think it’s a lot better. I think that whole experiment of bringing in outside guys and veteran broadcasters and just to throw them out there, I don’t think it works.”

“I thought the station was doomed at times, but we got a couple of breaks and got through it,” Minihane said, who often jokes that EEI was oh so close to becoming a country station when ratings were slipping a few years ago.

After being on the midday show for a year and a half, Ordway reflected on the development of the time slot and when the 66-year-old host thinks he might stop flapping his gums for good.

“I think we’ve made tremendous strides,” he said. “I like working with ex-jocks because you can play with them a little bit. I think Lou has a nasty side and that’s coming out right now. I like doing this. Everybody tries to push everybody out. If I can stay healthy and people still want me, I’ll stay. I will do other things in my life but I will never retire. Could you ever retire? What would you do everyday? What do you do? I know more people that retire and then they drop dead.”

“It’s hard to get away from it,” Kirk said.

Glenn said the show he wishes he had the chance to do the most during his absence was the Boston Marathon bombing, which occurred recently after he was fired.

“We went through 9/11 back then and we did for about two weeks,” Ordway said.

“John [Dennis] was great with that [hard-hitting] stuff,” Kirk said. “John would sell jokes for you and he had that really valuable quality. You do too. There would be times where we were laughing and joking on the air and having a great time and then the light would go off then that’s it. John had a good run though – a fucking great run.”

Former morning host John Dennis

The final few minutes talked about how Glenn nearly teamed up with Kirk for the afternoon drive show, and was even in play to replace Dino if he couldn’t comeback after rehab. Ordway spent a month with Kirk and Gerry doing fill-in shows and enjoyed his time with the guys, but knew it wasn’t realistic full-time.

“I did [have fun], but I didn’t like the hours,” Ordway said. “I like doing middays because of the hours but the commute will take anywhere from an hour to an hour and 45 minutes.”

“I think it would be difficult to do a show with us and Gerry because were all dominant voices,” Minihane said. We’re all alpha males. We had fun though. We had fun that month.”

You can listen to the second part of the Glenn Ordway podcast here, and all Kirk’s Enough About Me podcasts can be found here.

Boston media reacts to Patriots epic Super Bowl LI comeback victory

It is arguably the greatest Super Bowl ever played. The first to reach overtime, the largest comeback in Super Bowl history and the fifth victory for the New England Patriots organization, head coach Bill Belichick and now four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady.

Twitter took quite the turn from when the Atlanta Falcons led 28-3 midway through the third quarter to when the Patriots tied the score late in the fourth quarter and went on to walkoff with a two-yard touchdown run from James White. Here’s some of the best tweets during and after the final score chronologically from the local scribes and personalities:

Alex Reimer vs. Pete Sheppard: The Muppet vs. The Meat

Alex Reimer, writer for WEEI.com and rotating host on Kirk and Callahan on WEEI, when informed of Pete Sheppard‘s return to K&C Thursday said Pete was “totally wrong” in his anti-Bruins ownership rant from Friday’s epic monologue, one that Kirk Minihane said he heard and almost threw up he was laughing so hard.

Upon having the sound from Alex on Wednesday’s show played back in Thursday’s open in the 8 AM hour, Pete began to mock Alex for calling him out on his take.

Which he was totally wrong about by the way. Friggin’ muppet. What part was I totally wrong about, Alex?”

Pete Sheppard

Pete compared Cam Neely, who was in Sheppard’s path during the monologue Friday, to a “muppet and puppet” like Alex.

As the segment went on and Pete was in his glory talking about his beloved Bruins, the guys brought up Alex again as producer Ken Laird kept replaying the clip of Alex debunking Pete’s take, which the record does reflect Alex is right about the fact that Claude Julien was not fired over the weekend like Pete said would happen, and Alex questioned the validity of his sources.

“When’s the last time Alex has been in a locker room or talked to anybody?” Pete said. “I’ll give Alex this, he’s a very good writer. I enjoy reading his stuff on WEEI.com. But his muppet personality with you guys? He’s a muppet! I think because he is gay he thinks certain rules don’t apply to him. If I told the story he told on-the-air, I’d be fired. If I said I was at a lesbian bar and saw the same thing and told it in nauseating detail, I’d probably be fired. That’s riveting radio! That’s great! Fantastic!”

“Alex’s take on the T in Mattapan is so off base. It is the sense of entitlement and enabling that this kid has gotten way too early without paying any of his dues. He is a very good writer, yes he is. (But) he should pay the same dues that (Gerry Callahan) paid and (Kirk) has paid now.”

Then Alex phoned in to defend himself and it was another epic fight on Kirk and Callahan:

“Pete, I heard you’re calling for my job?” Reimer said.

“What job?!” Pete rebuffed. “I just said you were a good writer. It’s not calling for your job, you over-sensitive idiot. That’s typical of people your age to think your job is on the line because you’ve done so much and you’ve expressed yourself. Go on, give me some more of your muppet logic. C’mon! Can we shut the muppet down for a second?! You know nothing about the Bruins.”

Alex Reimer

Then Alex said he thinks Pete’s attacks are partially sexual orientation-driven, half-joking I’m sure, but Pete obviously denied going after Alex because he is gay, which clearly was not Pete’s intention.

“You sound like the sensitive one in the conversation,” Reimer said to Pete.

Alex criticized Pete for essentially getting the story wrong and again questioned his sources, who he claimed was Jimmy Murphy.

“Once again, muppet, it’s not my source,” Pete said. “You can’t even comment on the Boston Bruins, you know nothing about it. I’ve interviewed that team and covered those guys for many, many years. When you were watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers and finding yourself out in the real world, some of us were down there covering the team. I’ve actually been in locker rooms. What locker room have you been in? You are a muppet and you have been enabled. He’s morphed into Tickle Me Elmo.”

Twitter blew up and loved the quick five-minute segment. As we know, the more drama the better on sports radio. The week before Super Bowl-week can be pretty dry. Pete delivered an A performance today and brought it for almost the entirety of the show.

Christian Fauria obliterates national media trolls on OMF Tuesday

After Ryan Clark and Rob Parker went on their respective networks and continued to tout out how the Patriots are storied cheaters and shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl because Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season, Christian Fauria of the Ordway, Merloni and Fauria midday program on WEEI had had enough.

Fauria began the show on a classic rant and stood up for all the Patriots fans who deal with the jealousy and animosity outside of New England and national media members who continue to go after the teams, media and their fans everyday.

Christian Fauria
Fauria, who played four seasons in New England and won two Super Bowls, went after the hot takers for yet another ridiculous take by the national media, like Kirk and Callahan have been doing since its origin and even back to its Dennis and Callahan days and the whack-a-troll tour that took place immediately in Deflategate’s aftermath.

Here are some of the highlights from Tuesday’s opening segment:

“What a big, giant, smelly, stinky baby!” Fauria said of Clark after he said the Patriots changed out of their formations when the opposition checks out of a certain play. “Stop it! Clark! They recognized a certain formation, a down-and-distance, a situation in the game and they realized what you were trying to do based on the last 15 games?! You idiot!”

Then he began to mock Clark’s take.

“They know what we’re doing! It’s 3rd-and-long. They took off all their tight ends! They have another speedy white guy on the field! What’s going on?! White guys shouldn’t be good! Why are their white guys good and ours suck?!”

Producer Paul Chartier provided some nice background music with O Fortuna, and the scene was set.

“I can’t take it. It’s Tuesday and I’ve had it with the Ryan Clark’s and the Rob Parker’s of the world. My buddy Rob Parker who I actually called up and said, ‘You need to call up and defend yourself!’ Where’s the justice?! It’s called substitutions! What’s wrong with you?! They’re good for a reason, and we can go over it over and over again! They’re good because they work at it! They have the best coach that’s ever coached in the league, EVER! Don’t give me your Lombardi’s, your Shula’s! Don’t give me your Walsh’s! They SUCK compared to Bill Belichick! Oh, Joe Gibbs did it with four quarterbacks! Blah-Bluh-Blah-Bluh-Bluh! Shut up! I’m getting all sweaty, I can’t take it! Just stop it Ryan Clark!”

“You know (why they’ve made their 7th Super Bowl in the Brady-Belichick era), they got better at cheating! They self-corrected! They found another loophole!”

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark
He continued on.

“The whole substitution thing, this is why it’s so silly — they should know better. (Clark’s) a respected guy. He’s won a bunch of games and played for a great city and a great team for a long time. I love the Steelers. There’s a rule in the NFL when it comes to substitutions and they changed it because what guys used to do was put 12, 13, 15 guys in the huddle. And whoever was left, they tried to catch them in a screwed up substitution. You can’t do that anymore. It’s so easy to substitute. Don’t give me they recognize what we’re in. It’s so easy.”

“It’s a new concept. Duron Harmon is pretty good at it. It’s called a playbook. They have these computers and what they do is you can identify any situation and all these offensive coordinators have tells and it’s easy to tell what they’re going to do based on their history.”

After he settled down, Fauria then began to take Parker to task for his notion that it’s simply not fair for the Patriots to be going to the Super Bowl after Brady was suspended.

FS1 analyst Rob Parker
“Parker’s stance is, ‘It’s not fair! They shouldn’t be good anymore!’ A penalty like that — losing your QB for the first four games, ‘You shouldn’t be 3-1 afterwards! There should be a significant drop off in play. You should suffer! You should suck. You should be 0-4.’ That’s right. There’s no justice, no peace! Parker’s been on this crusade for years. If you cheat, you shouldn’t go to the Super Bowl and if you make the playoffs you should lose and lose badly. He was Max Kellerman before Max Kellerman.”

Co-hosts Lou Merloni and Glenn Ordway both chimed in and agreed with Fauria and defended Belichick and Brady in the way they conduct their business and was similar to the way Lou goes on his “Angry Lou” rants primarily about the Red Sox.



Pete Sheppard goes off on Bruins ownership in epic monologue Friday on WEEI

Pete Sheppard has been a character in the Boston sports media landscape since he first signed with WEEI under Jason Wolfe in 1995.

Pete’s passion about sports and some topics that some listeners may find boring and most shows don’t even talk about is unmatched. Pete can find something that he is truly passionate about when it comes to the Celtics or the Bruins or even college sports when the Patriots are a win away from playing in the team’s 9th Super Bowl.

That was once again the case Friday night, when Pete was filling in for Mike Mutnansky during the 6 p.m. evening program on WEEI.

The Bruins have been struggling of late, and Claude Julien has been the subject of much criticism as Boston may miss the playoffs for the third consecutive season.

Pete had had enough. Sheppard opened the show congratulating Mut on his new official gig as the evening program host replacing Mikey Adams and after pleasantries were exchanged, Sheppard absolutely tore into the Bruins ownership group of Cam Neely, Don Sweeney and Jeremy and Charlie Jacobs for how they have run the team over the last few seasons.

Here’s some of the highlights:

“I’m about to tell you some stuff that no one else has been able to tell you or wanted to tell you or maybe were threatened if they did tell you that they’d would lose their credentials and I’m tired of it. It’s not going to happen.”

“The Bruins don’t get a lot of play on this radio station and I understand in the midst of the Red Sox being in the World Series and the Celtics playing well, and the Bruins suck — they’re on pace to miss the playoffs for the third straight year. I’ve said it many times, I think they will, but I am telling you, if this were any other team or sports organization in town, the Red Sox, Celtics or Patriots, these guys would be getting LAMBASTED! What is going on on Causeway Street is absolutely despicable!”

Then Pete’s voice slowly started to get louder and louder as he went deeper into his monologue.

“All this is about, is they have set up — yes, YOU Cam Neely, Don Sweeney and to an extent Jeremy Jacobs — you have set Claude Julien up to fail. We all know it. This has been going on too long and my sources are telling me this is going to be Claude’s last game tonight (Jan. 20), more than likely. I have talked to several people with close ties to this organization, and what (Bruins ownership) is doing is disgraceful! It is absolutely disgraceful what is going on over there!”

Pete also made it clear about three or four times that they’d be getting to plenty of football  talk at some point throughout the course of the show on essentially the eve of the AFC Championship game just to make sure people stuck around for Patriots talk, but this was even better.

“I have tons of copious notes and stats and numbers to tell you why I think the Steelers still will lose by 11 points.”

Then he got right back into his rant.

“I don’t know why they’re even dicking around over there. Just say it. Just say Claude is done, because it’s going to be done by tomorrow. That’s what my sources are telling me. They can sit there and deny it all they want. There is such chaos going on over there on Causeway Street, it is unbelievable! Between the owner, the GM, the president. You have Bruce Cassidy sitting there like, ‘Am I going to coach the team?’ It is an ABOMINATION what is going on over there on Causeway Street and the fans are suffering for it big time. If you want to continue to pay $11.50 for your God damn hot dogs and $7.50 for your beers, go ahead! Go watch a dysfunctional front office that has absolutely no idea what they’re doing for the last several years. They’re trying to feed the media stories like Dougie Hamilton wasn’t liked in the locker room. Things about (Johnny) Boychuk. The list is freakin’ endless. Threatening media people who break stories or write bad things about the team to take away their media passes and credentials. I’m telling you, it is going on over there and I’m going to put a stop to it and I’m going to do my damnedest to put a stop to it tonight! They can get pissed off all they want. My sources are absolutely, 100% top notch. Nobody else has been able to go on the air in Boston and say this so I’m going to say this right now. I’ve been waiting for the last three days to get here to say this.”

That’s right. Go eat your God damn $11.50 hot dogs!

“All I have been told, is Cam has done a 180 on how he’s handled the team, how he’s handled the media after winning that Stanley Cup and all of a sudden things are different. It is UNBELIEVABLE to me, how it has been allowed to go on now for almost three years because of their freaking ineptness and I’m talking about the front office. YOU Cam Neely, YOU Don Sweeney! YOU caused this! When you BS people about how you think you’re going to improve this team and then you look at what they’ve done!”

“I’m telling you right now, what is going on Causeway Street is a disgrace. If you’re a Bruins fan, and I’m a huge Bruins fan — everybody knows that — the amount of money you’re paying to go see this MESS! I was told by several sources that, No. 1, if Don Sweeney promised Bruce Cassidy the job if he fired Claude, (Sweeney) should be fired tonight. It’s just unheard of! You don’t do that! But I’m hearing that’s exactly what the case was. This is how pathetic this has become.”

Sheppard then goes into the back and forth mess going on between Neely, Sweeney, the Jacobs and Claude.

“This is a story, I’m telling you if it were the Red Sox, the Celtics or the Patriots that were involved in this ineptness and this absolute arrogance and ignorance we would be losing our friggin minds like I am right now! It has to stop! I have been told that if you don’t write good things about the Bruins, they won’t give you a guest, or you’ll lose a credential, write you nasty notes, call up other stations and say don’t let people on the air! After you won a Stanley Cup? You’re supposed to be building on this, not let it go down the freakin’ toilet. And this is on YOU Cam Neely, and YOU Don Sweeney! YOU caused this! You’re accountable for it!”

Then Pete goes back into his theory that Claude was going to be fired on Saturday, which obviously did not happen.

“I could have predicted this three weeks ago. That the day in between the AFC Championship, that they would have a press conference that Claude would not be coaching the team anymore.”

“What happens is, and this is why Cam and Don Sweeney are going to get away with it, is it is perfect timing once again to fire the coach right before the AFC Championship and no one’s paying attention to it. This is an EMBARRASSMENT to the Boston Bruins organization! EMBARRASSMENT! And anybody who’s remotely connected to the organization for the last three years, you’re RIPPING fans off with the BS! And you think you’re going to get away with it?! Not in this day and age! No way! And I’m dumb enough to watch the games against Islanders when you lose 4-0. I’m sitting at home watching it, screaming at the television.”

“They’ve tried to spew out all this nonsense about the coaching style and we have to get younger, instead they feed you stories and want you to believe that Dougie Hamilton was not getting along with people in that locker room, they want you to believe that! It’s not true! It’s not TRUE!”

Unbelievable stuff. That’s even more passion than Dale Arnold on his B’s. Even though Pete was wrong on Claude being axed, I almost wish he was so Pete could take a victory lap after that performance.

The first caller of the night, Stu in Stoughton, was so fired up he called and said, “I’m ready to drop the gloves right now!”

Listen to the full tirade here.

Mike Mutnansky announced as WEEI evening program host

We now know who will replace long-time WEEI night host Mikey Adams in the evening slot.

Mike Mutnansky, a former midday host on the station with Lou Merloni, fill-in host and current host of Red Sox pre- and postgame on WEEI will take over for Adams as host of the 6 p.m. evening program on the station as early as next week, according to Mut himself on Kirk and Callahan this morning.

Mut has been a key cog in the WEEI machine for sometime. He was one of the main members of the Dino Casting Couch on K&C, and was once believed to be the favorite to take over for 17-year morning show host John Dennis who left the station last summer.

Mike Mutnansky (@MutWEEI)

Instead, Mut will be hosting ‘Mut at Night’ from 6-10 p.m. on weekday evenings on WEEI.

Mut hosted the former ‘Mut and Merloni’ afternoon program on WEEI before being replaced with Christian Fauria and Tim Benz on ‘Middays with MFB’.

Adams was host of ‘Planet Mikey’ on WEEI since December of 2005 before being removed from the position last June and the slot was filled by a rotating cast of fill-in hosts during the fall, mainly Mut.

Former evening program host on WEEI Mikey Adams

Mut is a fan favorite amongst many of the ‘P1’ WEEI listeners. He’s had a couple of classic moments over the past few months filling in in the morning, beginning with his night out for the Red Sox Roundtable at Tony C’s where Mut hosted for all three hours and enjoyed himself with a couple of beverages. He hosted the final hour with NESN in-game analyst Steve Lyons and spouted off some classic one-liners still used on the show today in drops:

“I’ll throw bexnghg, c’mon I really appreciate that.”

“Where’s Ben Maller? Ben, wake up. Wake up!”

“Howwhut have you seen from Hanley?”


You can listen to that moment here.

Mut was also the lone host to rank all of the Casting Couch members during one of his appearances on the morning show, and created quite the stir and plenty of reaction from the other hosts:

It is unclear whether or not Mut will still be filling-in during the morning hours, but it is safe to assume he will do so on occasion if not with regularity. It would make sense if he no longer is frequenting the morning airwaves on WEEI on a weekly basis.

The length of the contract signed is unclear, and WEEI has yet to make an official announcement.

Top Kirk and Callahan Moments: Fall Ratings Book

Since the 2016 fall ratings book has come to an end and my internship has a week left, it felt appropriate to post a final blog recapping the top moments of the Kirk and Callahan era. I ran through about 15 moments but have narrowed down the top 10. A lot has happened in the span of four months. Here’s the best of the best:

No. 10: Bart Hubbuch Eulogy

Known Patriots troll and New York Post columnist Bart Hubbuch finally reached his breaking point back on September 21 when he went ghost on Twitter after the people of social media annihilated him for his tweet suggesting that the Patriots are racists because Jacoby Brissett was the first black quarterbachubbuch-brissettk to start for New England in the Patriots-Texans Thursday Night Football game.

“Totally not-shocking fact: The Patriots have never had a black QB start a game in their 57-year history,” Hubbuch wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Jacoby Brissett would be the first.”

John Feitelberg of Barstool Sports teamed up with Kirk Minihane to get Hubbuch fired, suspended, etc. along with thousands of other Boston media folks and Hubbuch was off Twitter with no link to his account for 24 hours. The troll ended up coming back a couple days later, but it was nice to silence him for at least a little while. Kirk did a beautiful reading of the eulogy producer Chris Curtis and I crafted behind the scenes on my first day.

No. 9: Podcast Mania

The most obvious change aside from a former co-host of 17 years no longer sitting in the No. 1 chair has been the new podcasts being produced nearly everyday by either KirkGerry CallahanCurtis or profullsizerenderducer Ken Laird. The content has hit an all-time high with the debuts of The Real K&C recap podcast hosted by Curtis and Ken which started back in September and the new Kirk and Callahan Tunnel Vision podcast with Kirk and Gerry which debuted a few weeks ago. Chris and Ken run through the show and discuss the performance of the third co-host on Dino’s Casting Couch and spill beans on any office gossip or drama. Through three podcasts, Kirk and Gerry have taken relatively the same approach, with one State of the Union podcast, a hashing out of their first on-air fight and an airing of grievances podcast in the spirit of Festivus. Kirk has his own Enough About Me podcast which has been running for nearly a year where he sits down with a personality each week which most of the time focuses on them and their career, hence the name of the podcast. All three are essential for anyone wanting to keep up on all the happenings at 20 Guest Street from 5:30-10 AM.

No. 8: Andrew Mahoney Boston Globe ‘Ski Squad’

The Dennis & Callahan show was at its best and saw its ratings revival during the ‘Whack a Troll’ tour through the Deflategate hypocrites who were quick to hurl character damnations at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for Deflategate and called for their death.

Andrew Mahoney

The same can be said for Kirk & Callahan. The Boston Globe’s Andrew Mahoney showed what is hard to call anything other than a bias against WEEI when he wrote a story  about Jimmy Garoppolo‘s interview on K&C and Mahoney didn’t give the station nor the show credit for the interview. This set Kirk off who proceeded to eviscerate Mahoney — who only follows people from the station across the street on Twitter. Curtis did some digging and found that Mahoney is a member of the Globe/station across the street’s Ski Team, which the guys had a field day chastising. Whether a matter of coincidence or Mahoney intentionally omitting the station and K&C from the article, Kirk was rightfully irate about not getting credit.

No. 7: Mut’s Night at Tony C’s

To say Mike Mutnansky has had a rollercoaster of a ratings book would be a massive understatement. Mut came into the Casting Couch auditions in the upper echelon of candidates and was in essentially a two-way race with Gary Tanguay to replace John Dennis. Once Gary was no longer part of the equation, it appeared that Mut was in the driver’s seat to replace Dino and his road to redemption after being removed from the midday show two years ago would be complete, but that was not the case. It was almost a shoe-in to have Mut Monday’s and Friday’s before he either stopped performing at his high caliber level, fell out of flavor a bit with K&C or both. He has had two great shows since being a member of the Casting Couch, with one coming early in September.

Mike ‘Mut’ Mutnansky

All seven permanent members of the 6 AM-6 PM block went to a three-hour Red Sox Roundtable prior to the ALDS between the Cleveland Indians at Tony C’s, and it’s easy to say Mut had the best time of the crew in attendance. Come the final hour where it was just Mut and Red Sox color analyst on NESN Steve LyonsMut got a little slurry.

He spouted off classic one-liners that were gold to the ears of Curtis and Ken and the drops are still used today:

“I’ll throw bexnghg, c’mon I really appreciate that.”

“Where’s Ben Maller? Ben, wake up. Wake up!”

“Howwhut have you seen from Hanley?”


No. 6: El Pres vs. Ordway

This feud dates back to the summer of 2011 when Barstool Sports founder David ‘El Pres’ Portnoy posted a photo of Tom Brady’s son and was forced to take it down after authorities showed up at his house.

Dave ‘El Pres’ Portnoy (above) & Glenn Ordway (below)

El Pres on numerous occasions claims former afternoon drive now-midday host Glenn Ordway was the only host talking about the incident and continued to shine a negative light on Portnoy. Portnoy went on Kirk’s podcast and said Ordway acted like he was a “pedophile in the bushes” taking a picture of Brady‘s kid and talked about it at length on his show. Ordway said he went on vacation immediately after the incident so they couldn’t talk about it for a long period of time. Portnoy was then banned from WEEI before being allowed back on the station. This confrontation came to head when they two finally went at it on-the-air during the September crossover.

No. 5: Lou Merloni vs. Curtis & Ken

Not sure if this is much of a ‘top’ moment, but it had a major impact on the show moving forward from that fateful crossover at the beginning of November.

Lou Merloni

Midday host Lou Merloni took exception to the jokes being flung at former Casting Couch candidate and Comcast Sports Net colleague Mike Giardi, who bailed on K&C a day prior to his show because he was sick, complained about compensation and then went on to promote to the competition on social media. Merloni felt it was necessary to defend his Italian brother against the producers who Lou felt had attacked Giardi‘s character without warrant. It led to another epic crossover — the last of the Kaplansky Insurance crossovers with a member of the midday show. The relationship between middays and mornings hasn’t been the same since.

No. 4: Post-Election Show

Wolf BlitzerVan JonesJake Tapper and others were featured in what was probably Ken’s best open since being a producer on K&C. As a whole, this was probably the best show the guys had in the ratings book. During election week, K&C was the most listened to sports morning show in the country. John Tomase, who politically is a Democrat, was the third co-host on the show and was audibly shook up after Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. This was the most excited Gerry has been since the origin of the K&C show and said he never felt better on three hours of sleep. A proud Hillary Clinton opposer began the show with a triumphant, “Man does that feel good!” The reaction to the historic election was must-listen radio.

No. 3: John Tomase vs. Curt Schilling

In a much brighter moment for Tomase a month prior to the election, he and former Red Sox pitcher turned political pundit Curt Schilling had words to exchange after Tomase called out Schilling for his comments calling young women beautiful in a somewhat defense of Trump, who has said he would be dating his daughter Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter. Schilling never defended Trump‘s comments about dating his daughter, but did say it’s OK for men to say in passing that a young lady is “beautiful.” Tomase went on-the-air and said that baseball players would “bang anything” and essentially insinuated Schilling was sexualizing children. Schilling called in to defend himself and called Tomase a “f***ing coward” amongst other things while Tomase ended the conversation by saying the former Sox great is “totally unhinged.”

No. 2: Mike Lombardi vs. Kirk

The weekly Friday guest bid his adieu to K&C after a heated discussion with Minihane.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New York Jets
Mike Lombardi

Kirk pleaded with Lombardi to publicly name players on the struggling Patriots’ defense and he refused to oblige. Lombardi was very quick to criticize Jamie Collins after Belichick traded him away for virtually nothing early in the season, and called him out for “freelancing” and not following his assignments, which struck the guys as extremely hypocritical. When the defense continued to struggle, Lombardi went on K&C and plainly stated the defense lacked passion but refused to target specific players who were still on the team unlike his quick trigger on CollinsKirk was not having it, and called out Lombardi for being a fraud. The two went at it for the remainder of the interview and Lombardi hasn’t been back on since, replaced by ESPN’s Damien Woody. A known name-dropper, Kirk took a dig at Lombardi for never himself having “fettuccini with Al Davis” and Lombardi went at Kirk saying he “had all the answers, bro!” The best interview from an entertainment perspective since the show began.

No. 1: Gary Tanguay heads for the hills II

The top moment of the fall has brought about an array of emotions — anger, hilarity, sadness, etc. When Tanguay stormed off K&C for the second time in as many months, the mood of the crew quickly flipped as the morning show had lost a vital member of its rotation.

Gary Tanguay

Tarry Garrison didn’t take too kindly to Ken‘s drops or Kirk and Gerry‘s comments on his parenting, so when Minihane told him to head for the door and leave as a joke, Gary took off and has yet to make an appearance in three months. WGBH conducted a hysterical roundtable on the situation that has been used in drops to this day, saying that Tanguay had integrity for storming off. The guys are trying to get Gary back on the couch, but it’s unclear after several discussions on-and off-the-air between the co-hosts and Tanguay if he will indeed comeback. A great segment and watered down version of the storm out can be found hereCurtis even chased Tanguay out to his car and recorded the conversation, with loads of drops from Gary‘s tirade still frequently used by Ken.

The Fall ratings book for K&C earned them a 12.5 share in Boston, the highest on WEEI and was the most listened to sports morning show in New England throughout the three month period.

Kyle DaLuz is an intern on Kirk and Callahan. He can be reached at kdaluz@umass.edu and followed on Twitter @Kyle_DaLuz.